Founded in 2018, vertical farm Planted Detroit is one of Michigan's exciting food tech business and the subject of a January interview with the Vertical Farming Podcast. The company grows nutrient-packed greens and micros in a sustainable, indoor controlled environment using LEDs as a source of light. Originally from Southfield, owner Tom Adamczyk has had a successful career in equity markets, running a portfolio for private clients before founding Planted Detroit in 2018.

During his conversation with Minneapolis podcast host Harry Duran, Adamczyk highlights the rapid growth Planted Detroit has seen since the pandemic. A pivot to access local D2C sales has seen the company grow from 11 members of staff in 2020 to now 80, built upon foundations of research into the unit economics of 60 different crops.

Detroit's "neighborly" people form a backdrop to a vertical farming operation with a hyper local market. Adamczyk admits that the city has been "Speckled with a rocky history along the way," but is sure to mention his excitement for what's to come. Planted Detroit are now seeking outside capital for the first time to open up a third and fourth facility (a second, 9,000ft facility is due to come online in 2023).

Season 7, Episode 79