Ventura Land Trust (VLT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to permanently conserving the lands, waters, wildlife, and scenic beauty of the Ventura region for the benefit of current and future generations. Since 2003, VLT have been protecting open space and providing public access enhances the economic vitality, quality of life, and public well-being of Ventura and surrounding communities.

One of the key strategies employed by VLT is the acquisition of land through conservation easements, purchases, or partnerships - Harmon Canyon Preserve is an example, acquired in 2020. These efforts ensure that ecologically significant areas are permanently protected from development and remain accessible for public enjoyment. Ventura Land Trust also engages in habitat restoration projects, enhancing the health and resilience of local ecosystems.

2023 data highlights

  • 16,500lb / 7.6 metric tonnes of trash removed from Ventura River
  • 615 Ventura WILD students
  • 2,600 volunteer hours (222 unique volunteers)
  • 95 Ventura WILD Scholarship Recipients

Other 2023 events

  • Harmon Canyon was reopened following the severe rains in Spring 2023.
  • A 2-year invertebrate study was started in Harmon
  • Held Wild & Scenic Film Festival WSFF - 700 attendees
  • 1000 geofenced images across all seven VLT properties

& note events in Ventura County