Established in 2000, Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) in California is a vital U.S. Navy installation. Formed by the merger of Point Mugu, Port Hueneme, and San Nicolas Island, NBVC serves as a key aerospace and naval defense hub. The base supports research, development, testing, and maintenance activities for various naval operations. Its strategic location and diverse capabilities make NBVC a critical asset in ensuring national security and maritime readiness.

Skills you'll develop

  • Load and unloads materials from ground, pallets, skids, platforms, trucks, lifting devices, and transport vehicles, manually or mechanically with lift gate, wheelbarrow, pallet jack or dolly.
  • Operate a variety of power equipment to include but not limited to the following: mowers, clippers, posthole diggers, blowers, weed eaters, power washers, and banding equipment.
  • Use hand tools such as shovels, rakes, hammers, bars, saws, axes, loppers, wrenches, brushes, and brooms to maintain and clean facilities and grounds.
  • Move and organizes equipment, supplies, furniture, and materials by hand or by mechanical means.
  • Use shovels, rakes, and rock bars to excavate, backfill or spread sand, dirt or fill materials to improve recreation spaces such as playgrounds, park spaces, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, etc.
  • Ensure grounds and facilities are maintained and clean (e.g., cleans park tables, collects/empties trash cans, barbecues, pavilions, docks, and rental equipment to ensure they are in serviceable condition).
  • Clear small trees, limbs, tree debris, and bushes using handsaw, clippers or loppers.
  • Shovel, sweep or rake snow, sand or dirt from sidewalks, playgrounds, volleyball courts, beach and recreational parking lots.
  • Clean and waxes vehicles.
  • Maintain an inventory of hand and power tools, large equipment and inflatable bounce equipment and ensures they are in good working order.
  • Make all adjustments to equipment to ensure proper settings, connections, and mechanical soundness.
  • Make minor repairs, paints, and may perform carpentry work.
  • Assist the mechanic with maintaining and cleaning rental equipment.
  • Deliver, sets up, inspects and tears down inflatable bounce equipment.
  • Assist in preparing excess property for disposal.
  • Determine and selects the most appropriate type of equipment to accomplish each phase of the work in the most productive and cost-effective manner.
  • Observe required safety, sanitation, environmental, hazardous waste disposal, and housekeeping rules and regulations.
  • Exert very heavy physical effort, frequently lifting and moving objects weighing over 70 lbs., operating powermowers on grades, towing trailers, pushing heavy wheelbarrow loads of dirt, sand or playground fill, raking and shoveling dirt or sand, and using a pallet jack to move materials and equipment.


$19.12 per hour


NRSW Naval Base Ventura County N922 (Google Maps)