Founded in 2004, Café Gratitude is a small Californian vegan chain with three bustling locations (Venice, Larchmont, and Newport Beach).

Embracing a philosophy of "food as medicine," they serve organic, plant-based meals with playful names like "I Am Radiant" and "I Am Light." Menu highlights include avocado toast, quinoa power bowls, veggie burgers, and decadent gluten-free desserts. Expect vibrant atmospheres, welcoming vibes, and a menu built around gratitude and healthy indulgence – all without a hint of the usual vegan clichés. In under 200 words, that's Café Gratitude in a nutshell.

Waiters looking to blend an interest in healthy food with outstanding, upbeat service will succeed at Café Gratitude, likewise Kitchen Porters and Cooks prepared to make it happen back of house.