Born in 1993 from the merger of two squabbling agencies, LACMTA (or Metro) is LA's public transit boss. It inherited bus & rail networks and a mandate to build more. Today, it operates 109 miles of rail and 1888 buses, serving LA County. It also funds other local operators, aiming for seamless transit across the region. Despite challenges, Metro continues expanding its rail network and pushing for sustainable transportation for LA's growing population.

Skills you'll develop

  • Memorize routes, transfer points, and fare structures for all lines assigned divisions
  • Perform a complete pre-pull-out inspection of bus, safety checks equipment, and informs mechanic when adjustments or repairs are necessary
  • Refers to and implements route maps, time schedules, and instructions for pull-outs, line service, pull-ins, and off-route trips
  • Collects and count fares, issues transfer tickets, and transports passengers on public transit buses
  • Provides schedule, route, and fare information to passengers seeking assistance
  • Operates wheelchair lift and assists passengers with disabilities in boarding, riding, and alighting in a safe manner which may include pushing a wheelchair up & down the ramp. Secures wheelchairs of passengers with disabilities and clearly communicates the action being taken
  • Receives and transmits two-way radio messages involving accidents, emergencies, criminal activities, or other authorized Metro business
  • Line instructs student trainees and regular operators learning specific bus line routes
  • Reports hazardous or dangerous conditions along bus route and at passenger loading zones, including such hazards as unusual traffic, road conditions, obstructions, construction, and potential criminal activity


$24.48 per hour


Various across Los Angeles