Broadly based in California, GRID Alternatives focuses on making clean energy accessible and beneficial to everyone, especially underserved communities. Their primary activities revolve around solar installations for community-scale projects, and aiding developers with affordable housing projects.

Workforce development

GRID also offer in-person solar training to introduce new workers to the solar workforce and have even designed programs specifically for tribal communities, women and K-12 students. Curriculum covers:

  • Job site safety
  • Fall protection
  • Array layout
  • Racking installation
  • Module level power electronics (MLPE) installation
  • Module installation
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical layout and mounting
  • Conduit bending and installation
  • Electrical wiring


GRID are the largest non-profit installer of clean energy technologies in the state, having installed solar panels at 300,000 households amounting to 91MW. 47,000 people have started and completed their solar training programs.

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