Blue Raven Solar are hiring Solar PV Installers for roofing projects in Detroit and are able to train new entrants to the sector. As one of the most highly rated employers on Glassdoor, Blue Raven Solar would be a good place to work for anyone looking to take on a challenge by working 40-45 hours, mostly outdoors. See an example of a solar panel system in this Edge to Edge clip.

Skills you'll develop

  • Mount PV Racking: Follow layout plans and perform structural mounting of racking, modules and electrical equipment
  • Hand Tool Safety: Knowing how to use and transport hand tools in a safe way, especially when using them in close proximity to people.
  • Intermediate Strength: Ability to manually lift and move up to 50lbs / 23kg repeatedly, and manually push up to 50lbs / 23kgs with assistance from another employee.
  • Working at Height: Any work carried out where a fall is liable of causing injury when precautions are not taken. Most common examples of working at height include working while on a ladder or roof.

Pay & shifts

$45-50k per year, with benefits


Across Detroit, must have transport

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