Originally from Uganda, Hannah Kamugonde is now working in coffee in Dubai at Cafe Villa515. In this interview, Hannah outlines her journey in coffee, providing advice for others and an idea of what it coming up for her career.

When did you start your career in coffee and how did you come across the industry?
I started my career in coffee in 2018 back home Uganda and proceeded to Dubai to grow my career as well as my experience.

What's the status of specialty coffee in UAE?
In Dubai speciality coffee is growing day by day. A lot of training has been conducted around by ASTs, government programs through community competitions and many more as a way of promoting speciality coffee in the community

What types of people are suited to working in coffee?
Everybody can but only if you are passionate, patient and eager to learn everyday.

Are there some central blog posts or websites that you go to gain more knowledge, develop further skills?
I have learnt a lot through blogs, websites as sometimes it can be challenging to attend some in-person coffee workshops.

What's next for your career? What's on the horizon and what goals do you have for the coming three years?
In next three years I see myself adding more knowledge and experience to my coffee career, and later would love to share it with my community in order to promote speciality coffee.

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