Erewhon Market is a popular grocery store chain in Los Angeles that focuses on providing organic and high-quality food products. They offer a wide range of organic produce, specialty items, and health-focused products. The market also features a selection of prepared foods, juice bars, and a café, providing customers with convenient and healthy dining options.

Skills you'll develop

  • Customer ServiceDelivering a friendly a professional service to ensure customers are acknowledged, informed and satisfied.
  • MerchandisingStocking shelves, rotating shelved product, setting up displays, stocking and rotating products in coolers, organizing and rotating products in storage rooms, and moving products from storage to the sales floor.
  • Health & Hygiene: Knowing how to keep a food and drink preparation area clean and absent of contaminants. Sterilising surfaces is a key part of this, especially where protein-based products are in use.
  • Maintain Clean Work Area: Keeping a working area clean and tidy to ensure that items can be found and no trip hazards area created.
  • Upselling: Recommending products to customers based on what they have already purchased, ultimately helping the business' bottom line.


$17-21 per hour