Apparel manufacturer Carhartt pledges to hire up to 125 workers at their home Dearborn facility to qualify for a state grant. An initial $937,500 performance-based grant has been approached by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer from from the Michigan Business Development Program. A further $4.65M of investment is expected to developer the Dearborn campus.

In conversation with the state economic development officials, Carhartt pointed out options to hire out of IT centers in Mexico or via others in Kentucky. The new jobs in Dearborn are expected to pay on average $43 per hour, with $33.20 being the lowest hourly pay.

"A new facility in Mexico and two Kentucky facilities are alternative locations for this project due to the higher cost of recruiting and maintaining talent and the higher cost of doing business in Michigan compared to those locations," notes a Michigan Economic Development Corp. briefing memo.

Capital investment is due to increase the company's e-commerce offering and grow current revenues of $1.1 billion in annual revenue. As of December 2022, 644 people in Michigan and more than 5,500 worldwide.