Founded in 2019, Recycleye have experienced rapid growth to get to where we are now, with systems deployed across Europe and the US and are on a trajectory to continue scaling at pace. The company was set up to increase the amount of waste that's recycled globally - currently only 9% according to OECD.

Skills you'll develop

  • Customer Service: Delivering a friendly and professional service to ensure customers are acknowledged, informed and satisfied. Also receiving feedback in a visible way to make the customer feel heard.
  • Operations Design: Helping to evolve and improve dynamic systems and services.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Performing routine checks and fixes on equipment to be sure of safe, efficient and cost-efficient management.
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Oral Communication
  • Record Keeping: Understand the steps and timing for keeping accurate, organised records to log processes and share progress updates with other team members.




179 Hercules Road, SEI (Google Maps)

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