This free, 90-minute online course from HeatSpring serves as a primer for anyone interested in air-to-water heat pumps and their role in heating and ventilation. The content has been spun-out from BuildingEnergy Boston 2020, a conference presented Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). It's setup as self-study, so start / complete at your own pace.

About the instructor

Brian Just will be your instructor. He manages a team of Efficiency Vermont's residential energy consultants and works on a variety of energy efficiency initiatives at VEIC. Degrees from the University of British Columbia (MASc, Mechanical Engineering) and the University of Minnesota (BME, Mechanical Engineering). Just is also Passive House and LEED AP accredited.

Skills you'll develop

  • AWHP Retrofit Theory: Understand the principles behind installing an air-to-water heat pump, and what the non-energy benefits are.
  • Air-to-Water Systems: Describe how air-to-water heat pumps function in any climate and explain options for low-temperature distribution.
  • HVAC Cleanliness: Inspecting an HVAC system for dirt, allergens and moisture to remove bacteria, debris and fungal micro-organisms to return a system to "as new" condition.
  • Numeracy: Ability to make accurate, mental calculations using numbers in a time-pressured environment. Includes multiplication, addition, division and subtraction.