African Parks entered into a 25-year public–private partnership with the Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in March 2003, launching Majete Wildlife Reserve. By 2022, MWR is thriving, with abundant wildlife and annual revenue of $750,000 across several tourism businesses who have opened in the past two decades.

Initially depleted of wildlife, Majete has been revitalised through careful management, anti-poaching efforts, and reintroduction of key species. The reserve focuses on biodiversity conservation, tourism, and community engagement. Revenue generated from tourism supports ongoing conservation efforts and benefits local communities through employment and sustainable development initiatives, contributing to a balanced coexistence of wildlife and humans.

By 2013, Majete Wildlife Reserve had fortified its 142-kilometre (88 miles) perimeter with fencing, instituted 24-hour patrols, upgraded infrastructure, and initiated community initiatives to support local inhabitants. The reserve expanded with the addition of 300 kilometres (190 mi) of dirt roads and the establishment of Thawale Lodge, an educational center, and a community-operated campsite.

The ranger team grew from 12 to 140 full-time employees. Notably, no elephants or rhinos were poached in the park since these enhancements were implemented in 2003, a positive trend sustained through 2022.

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