Kura is a leading UK-based call center company that providing outsourced customer service solutions. They offer comprehensive call center services, including inbound and outbound customer support, sales, and technical assistance. Kura uses advanced technology and trained professionals to handle high call volumes efficiently and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Skills you'll develop

  • Taking Phones Calls: Communicating with customers, suppliers and colleagues over the phone, ensuring a clear, courteous manner.
  • Telesales: Establishing new and long-term relationships with clients over the phone.
  • Active Listening: Listening to someone and understanding what they want, while being careful not to interrupt them as they communicate their points.
  • Digital Literacy: Knowing how to use digital devices and remembering how to navigate between applications to find information and communicate with the team.
  • Record Keeping: Understand the steps and timing for keeping accurate, organised records to log processes and share progress updates with other team members.


  • £22,672 per year


Camberwell Way, SR3 (Google Maps)

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