Career Goal
Work in a fast-paced, high-growth company that's solving an environmental problem at the frontline - waste management, recycling, conservation.
Service Orientation, Operations Design, Punctuality, Inventory Management, Composting, Logistics, Rotation, Customer Service, Numeracy, Oral Expression, Time Management
Work History
During 2019, I worked 24 hours per week as a waiter at a Vietnamese restaurant in London - Cây Tre. During the pandemic, I joined a food delivery and retail business called Farmdrop, completing 12-hour shifts in frozen and refridgerated environments. From summer 2021, I returned to hospitality on the tills at Prêt a Manger before moving to another coffee-based operation as a Café Manager at Monocle.
Certificates & Permissions
- UK Drivers License- Right to Work UK (British Passport)
- Bachelor's Degree
Contact & Availability
will@skillhood.comAvailable to meet in Central London

Examples of my work