Last week, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) launched T3 Innovation Network to connect research, skills modelling and live products aimed at re-skilling the American workforce. We’ve written before about how training and development in the U.S. doesn’t lack products, but rather interoperability of data infrastructure. This effort from USCC is one the most comprehensive portals yet, publishing early research to establish pedagogy for getting skilling right in the the 2020s.

There are three goals to create a global network aimed at accelerating the popularity and performance of Learning Employment Records:

  1. Make all data count
  2. Enhance the data - render competencies and increase their utility across the talent marketplace
  3. Empower workers with their data

The portal contains resources divided into five sections:

  1. Using skills and frameworks: concepts, tools and resources from the likes of Competency and Skills System (CaSS). A comprehensive effort to free skills from their constraints within Word docs and PDFs release them from being “held hostage”.
  2. Using digital identity: decentralized identifiers, principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI), laws involving ID and concepts to grasp.
  3. Using data standards: different grading systems and how standards relate to each other - the Data Ecosystem Schema Mapper (DESM)
  4. Pilots:  a list of half a dozen pilots that are currently putting Learning Employment Records to work in local settings. These include the North Dakota Integrated Learner Record, Colorado CSIA Pathways (C-Lab) and a pilot from major retails to create credentialing for retail.
  5. Q&A section: a forum-like page for users.

In terms of additional features: Users can create profiles, add bios, bookmark different pages, direct message other users and view notifications.

Visit to create an account and view the launch presentation (slides).