Openreach is a functional division of telecommunications company BT plc, that maintains the telephone cables, ducts, cabinets and exchanges that connect nearly all homes and businesses in the United Kingdom to the national broadband and telephone network. Openreach’s vision is to get an additional 500,000 people back into the workforce by 2038.

Responsibilities: Installing and maintaining broadband for Openreach customers. From the job description: This isn’t an office job. So you’ll never be tied to one location. Instead you’ll be on the road, in your van and out in the fresh air. On Monday you might find yourself out in the countryside working up a telegraph pole. On Wednesday you could be working in one of our telephone exchanges. Then on Friday you might be at a customer’s home getting them connected to faster broadband.

Pay: £21,846 based on 37.5 hours per week

Locations: National