This Manchester-based Timpson  offer in-prison training via their Prison Training Academies and run over 1000 repair booths in the UK.  

Timpson is a family-owned company that specialise in shoe repair, key cutting, and engraving services. They have a unique approach to hiring employees, which includes offering second chances to ex-offenders by providing them with training and employment opportunities. This is part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their belief in the value of second chances, also a candid commitment to “hire exclusively on personality and expect all of colleagues to be happy, confident and chatty individuals.” In 2020, Timpson hired 107 ex-prisoners.

Timpson's approach to helping ex-offenders get back into employment involves several steps. Firstly, they have a dedicated recruitment team that works closely with prisons and probation services to identify suitable candidates and a realistic plan for employment. They also partner with a range of charities and organizations that support ex-offenders to ensure that they are reaching as many potential candidates as possible.

Once potential candidates have been identified, Timpson provides each individual with opportunities to develop the transferrable skills needed to succeed in the workplace. This includes a comprehensive induction program that covers health and safety, customer service, and other key aspects of working in a Timpson store. They also offer additional training opportunities in areas such as IT, management, and finance to help employees develop their skills and progress in their careers.

Timpson also provides ongoing support to ex-offenders once they are employed. This includes regular check-ins with their line manager, access to an employee assistance program, and opportunities to participate in mentoring and coaching programs. This support helps to ensure that employees feel valued and supported, which can improve their job satisfaction and help them to succeed in the workplace.

Timpson's approach to helping ex-offenders get back into employment is a standout example of how businesses can contribute to social change and make a positive impact in their communities. By providing training and employment opportunities to ex-offenders, they are not only helping individuals to rebuild their lives but also contributing to the wider social and economy in the UK.

Read more about Timpson in the Financial Times (February 2014)