Chesil Security began as a local firm in West Dorset during the CovSars2 outbreak, providing community security for supermarkets and supporting court operations. Since then, they have expanded their services nationwide, including securing major events like the G7 summit and HRH Prince Philip's funeral. They offer comprehensive security solutions from consultancy and risk assessments to event control, close protection, key holding, and event security. Skills you'll develop

  • Surveillance: Using cues from surroundings to understand and predict a dangerous or aggressive situation in advance.
  • Restraining Hold: Ability to hold and immobilise another person without causing them harm.
  • Monitoring Facilities: Checking the safety and security of facilities including border access and environmental checks like temperature and CCTV functionality.
  • Resolving Complaints: Handling complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances and conflicts, or otherwise negotiating with others.
  • Access Control: Restricting access to a resource, such as a building, computer system, or file. Access control can be implemented using a variety of methods, including passwords, security tokens, and biometrics.
  • Close Protection: A specialised security skill that involves providing personal protection and safety to individuals who may be at risk, ensuring their physical well-being and minimising potential threats. It requires trained professionals to assess risks, employ security measures, and maintain constant vigilance to mitigate any potential harm or danger to the protected person.


From £10.90 - Chesil Security are a Living Wage Employer