Trader Joe's, the quirky grocer with loyal fans and Hawaiian shirts, started its journey in 1967 in Pasadena, California. Founded by Joe Coulombe, it wasn't your typical supermarket. Think less sterile aisles and more treasure hunts for unique treats and private label delights. This "Trader" wasn't on Wall Street, but on the high seas, drawing inspiration from Trader Vic's tiki restaurants for its name and exotic vibe.

For decades, Trader Joe's remained a regional gem, slowly spreading its charm across the west coast. But in 1979, German grocery giant Aldi bought the chain, seeing its potential. Under Aldi's ownership, the grocer blossomed, venturing beyond California and across the country. Today, with over 560 stores in 42 states, Trader Joe's is a national phenomenon, attracting bargain hunters and food adventurers alike with its friendly crew, quirky finds, and surprisingly delicious private label products. So, next time you grab a jar of Cookie Butter or a bag of Everything But the Bagel seasoning, remember the little "Trader" who started it all in a sunny Californian corner store over 50 years ago.

Working at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's are known to be a good employer. They pay above $17.00 per hour in Los Angeles and have organized stores with a limited amount of inventory, making replenishment smoother. They're outstanding customer service sets them apart, particularly over the tills where bagging up is often delivered.