Mollie's Motel is a diner and hotel with venues in Oxfordshire Bristol and soon Manchester. The hotel-restaurant concept introduces a modern and affordable take on classic roadside accommodations in the UK. Venues have been tastefully designed by hospitality company Soho House. The Bristol venue features 123 bedrooms, a diner, and a general store. Mollie's Motel aims to provide a relaxed atmosphere with high-quality amenities, making it an inviting stop for travellers seeking a unique and accessible lodging experience.

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Skills you'll develop

  • Greeting Guests: Welcoming guests and customers in a way that makes their presence acknowledged, ready to serve their needs or queries.
  • Customer ServiceDelivering a friendly and professional service to ensure customers are acknowledged, informed and satisfied. Also receiving feedback in a visible way to make the customer feel heard.
  • Service OrientationKnowing how to allocate your time to maximize total customer happiness. Demonstrating good Service Orientation is important for kitchen and front-of-house staff during surge times of service, reducing stress both for the team as a whole and for customers in sight of the operation.
  • Taking Phone Calls: Communicating with customers, suppliers and colleagues over the phone, ensuring a clear, courteous manner.
  • Accepting Payments: Efficiently take card or cash payments from customers in a controlled and trustworthy way, being sure to offer an optional receipt. Some contactless cards may require pin entry for different merchants, which can also be a safety check imposed by the card provider.


£24K-£29,000 pro rata


Mollie’s, Shrivenham Rd, A420, Buckland, Faringdon SN7 8PY (Google Maps)