Mokoko is an independent bakery and coffee shop with locations in Bath and Bristol. They are known for their fresh, handmade pastries and coffee, also their lunchtime sandwiches.

Skills you'll develop

  • Scoring Dough: Making cuts into a piece of dough before baking, typically using a blade or sharp knife. The way a dough is scored will alter its visual appearance as well as the way it rises.
  • Precision: Ability to quickly and accurately perform tasks thoroughly with a close attention to detail.
  • Time Management: The ability to prioritize an assortment of tasks based on available time to maximize completion.
  • Measuring Ingredients: Accurately measuring ingredients in recipes using volume, weight, dimensions and scales where needed.
  • Caramelize Sugar: The term for melting sugar till you get a caramel-liquid color, creating a sweet nutty flavour.


£25,000+ per year


Bristol, Newark Wharf (Google Maps)

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