Mokoko is an independent bakery and coffee shop with locations in Bath and Bristol. They are known for their fresh, handmade pastries and coffee, also their lunchtime sandwiches. Quality fit-outs complete the experience in convenient, central locations.

Skills you'll develop

  • Scoring Dough: Making cuts into a piece of dough before baking, typically using a blade or sharp knife. The way a dough is scored will alter its visual appearance as well as the way it rises.
  • Precision: Ability to quickly and accurately perform tasks thoroughly with a close attention to detail.
  • Time Management: The ability to prioritize an assortment of tasks based on available time to maximize completion.
  • Measuring Ingredients: Accurately measuring ingredients in recipes using volume, weight, dimensions and scales where needed.
  • Caramelize Sugar: The term for melting sugar till you get a caramel-liquid color, creating a sweet nutty flavour.


£25,000+ per year


Bristol, Newark Wharf (Google Maps)