Learn the basics of safely moving and handling objects in the workplace. Includes pushing, pulling, lifting, as well as a risk assessment methodology. Completes with a quiz and professional certificate. Cost is £20 + VAT with 30% off code for Tendo users.

In the first unit of the course, learn what manual handling is and the risks associated with various types of loads. The responsibilities of employees and employers will be covered as well as HSE guidance. Unit 2 provides an overview of risks in the workplace. The acronym TILEO will be explained as well as the types of injuries that people could sustain in certain situations. Unit 3 looks as risks in more detail, covering three stages of risk evaluation, what can be deemed acceptable risk and how to keep a record of your findings. In Unit 4, you will be introduced to control measures, equipment and aids commonly used in the workplace. A final fifth unit outlines manual handling techniques and how to operate safely in a team.

Skills you’ll learn: Lifting Heavy Objects, Risk Assessment, Trunk Strength, Manual Dexterity, Static Strength, Multi-limb Coordination, Inventory Management

Time required: 3 hours