Loaded Dice Brewery, established in 2020 in Troy, Michigan, is relocating to 400 S. Main St. in Clawson. The move to the 7,800-square-foot space aims to expand beer production, introduce wine, cider, and mead options, and create an enhanced brewery experience with a kitchen, event space, and outdoor beer garden. Clawson, lacking a brewery since 2019, anticipates the opening in late spring or early summer 2024.

The Troy location will remain operational during construction. Owner Jef Smith, known for sharing beer recipes, initiated a crowdfunding campaign through Mainvest, raising over $80,000 from 115 investors.

The brewery, famous for its Fat King series, plans to maintain its whimsical atmosphere and community engagement in the new location. Architectural Intelligence will design the brewery, fostering an immersive brewing experience. Loaded Dice's commitment to collaboration and creativity, exemplified by events like Beer Factory, continues in its upcoming Clawson venture, reflecting a dedication to community involvement and innovation in craft brewing.