KOKO Networks is climate technology catering to rapidly growing cities in emerging markets, currently Kenya. A combination of bio-based fuel and a Hyderbad, India-made KOKO cooker (header image) has allowed KOKO to move millions of Kenyans off charcoal and kerosene, replacing it with sustainable bioethanol cooking oil.

Vivo Energy Kenya assist with the bulk storage and distribution of bioethanol, which is available to customers through smart dispensing system located in over 1,000 local shops across five markets in Kenya - Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret. By July 2023, their cookers were used by over 1m households.

Beyond KOKO Fuel, KOKO Networks includes other components:

  • KOKO Climate, which retails the emissions reductions that occur from switching households from deforestation-based charcoal to
  • KOKO Club, a tech-enabled, direct-to-consumer, instant fulfillment retail platform operated in partnership with neighborhood retailers.
  • KOKO Upishi, a smart cooking platform that helps users save time and money on cooking.

A new business line, KOKO Club, sells directly to consumers through dukas that serve as the company’s agents for its bio-ethanol cooking fuel and stoves.