Located in Birmingham, Beating Time isn't just a charity, it's a heart-thumping rhythm for vulnerable young people. It's main activities cover the following rehabilitation programmes, with Inside Job charting employment for ex-offenders.

  • Music as a lifeline: Beating Time uses music as a powerful tool to engage and empower young people struggling with homelessness, mental health issues, or social exclusion.
  • Creative sparks: From drumming circles to songwriting workshops, they offer a safe space to ignite creativity, build confidence, and find their voice.
  • Mentorship beats: Skilled musicians, many with lived experience, become mentors, guiding young people and building lasting connections.
  • Breaking barriers: Beating Time helps young people develop important life skills, access education and training, and break the cycle of disadvantage.
  • Community harmony: They partner with other organizations to create opportunities for performance and participation, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

So, Beating Time doesn't just provide a tune, they offer a whole new melody to life for Birmingham's young people, empowering them to find their rhythm and rise above the difficulties.