Melbourne-based Barista Hustle is a leading online education platform for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. It offers a range of courses, resources, and tools designed to help you improve your coffee-making skills, understand the science behind coffee, and develop your career in the coffee industry.

If you're looking to develop a career in the coffee industry, Barista Hustle courses can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to advance. Courses such as "Barista One" and "Milk Science and Latte Art" are particularly useful for aspiring baristas, while courses on "Coffee Farming and Processing" and "Roasting Fundamentals" are more geared towards those interested in production and roasting.

As well as topping up your coffee-making skills and keeping you abreast of industry trends, the courses allow you to dig deeper into the science behind coffee and also network with other coffee professionals.

Skills to add to your LinkedIn profile after completion:

  • The Water Course: Chemistry of Water, Water Treatment, Equipment Maintenance, Using LSI Calculator, Water Monitoring, Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Remineralisation, Magnesium Cupping
  • Milk Science & Latte Art: Latte Art, Chemistry of Milk, Entraining, Milk Production, Foam Profiling, Drainage, Rheology, Lipolysis, Milk Pitcher Design, Motor Memory, Priming the Canvas, Brush Strokes, Service Orientation, The Heart (Coffee), The Monk's Head (Coffee), The Rosetta (Coffee), Managing Nerves, Hygiene, Troubleshooting
  • Barista One: Dosing, Distributing (Coffee), Tamping, Flushing (Coffee), Portafilter Insertion, Engaging the Pump, Purging, Adjusting Grinder Settings, Channelling, Troubleshooting Grinder, Troubleshooting Coffee Machine, Microfoam, Milk Texturing, Hygiene Management, Safety Management, Using a Thermometer (Coffee), Milk-Splitting, Monitoring Pressure Gauges (Coffee Machine), Steaming non-dairy, Using a Steam Wand, Preparing the Canvas, Latte Art, Brush Strokes, Placing (Latte Art), Cutting (Latte Art), Managing Bypass, Preparing Americanos, Preparing Long Blacks, Preparing Flat Whites, Preparing Ice Espresso, Preparing Iced Lattes, Managing Sugar (Coffee), Managing Ice (Coffee), Cold Brew, Managing a Queue, Restocking Bar, Efficiency in Drinks Preparation, Inventory Management, Flavor Awareness (Coffee), Taking Quality Checks (Coffee), Mise en Place, Cleaning Down
  • Coffee Quality Control: Chemistry of Coffee Beans, Identifying Quakers (Coffee), Identify Elephant Beans (Coffee), Identifying Triangular Beans (Coffee), Identifying Bean-Surface Burning, Identifying Raw Beans, Identifying Scorched Beans, Cupping, Breaking the Crust, Turbulence (Coffee), Grind Setting, Refractometry, Brew Ratio, Olfactory System, Defining Flavour (Coffee), Scoresheets in Coffee
  • Percolation: Percolation Recipes, Equipment Maintenance (Coffee), Channelling, Rinsing Paper, Grinding Coffee, Preparing the Coffee Bed, Blooming, Mechanics of Pouring (Coffee), Drawdown, Weighing Coffee, Batch Brew Coffee, Pour-Over Coffee, Tracking Temperature Profiles, Grind Settings, Understanding Turbulence, Understanding Flow (Pour-Over Coffee), Knowledge of Filter Paper, Cost Analysis (Coffee), Hygiene Management
  • Advanced Coffee Making: Dosing, Distributing (Coffee), Flushing (Coffee), Channelling, Managing Bypass, Flavor Awareness (Coffee), Quality Assurance (Coffee), Refraction, Down-Dosing, Up-Yielding, Dilution (Coffee), Sensing Over-Extraction, Sensing Under-Extraction, Immersion Brew, Using a Coffee Refractometer, Record Keeping, Cost Analysis (Coffee), Equipment Maintenance (Coffee)
  • Terroir: History of Arabica Coffee, Plant Biology, Understanding Topography, Anatomy of Coffee, Agronomy, Soil Chemistry, Soil Biology, Coffee Tree Morphology, Pruning, Irrigation (Farming), Disease Control (Coffee), Pest Control (Coffee), Climate Change, Global Circulation Models (GCMs), Carbon Cycle

Courses start at $15 per month, with courses taking on average 20 hours. Enjoy a free trial for the first 14 days.