Launched in 2012, Detroit Denim’s team of seven is made of a small core of experts steered by founder-owners Brenna Lane and Eric Yelsma (Lane also helped found ISAIC in 2017). Detroit Denim have set out to challenge existing paradigms in apparel, namely running a made-to-order model that reduce wastes and demonstrate that craft and profitability can co-exist. After going through thousands of iterations, their design software can configure to a range of sizes and preferences from clients - all focusing on denim products.

Skills you'll develop

  • Advanced Apparel Manufacturing: Knowledge of the emerging technologies in advanced manufacturing and how this will impact sectors in apparel.
  • Sewing Machine Operations: Ability to use single needle, coverstitch and serger machines, and change needles, and thread machines.
  • English Language Literacy: Read, write and speak conversant to read instructions and communicate with colleagues.
  • Numeracy: Ability to make accurate, mental calculations using numbers in a time-pressured environment. Includes multiplication, addition, division and subtraction.
  • Digital Literacy: Knowing how to use digital devices and remembering how to navigate between applications to find information and communicate with the team.
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