As measured using a pressure squeezer "dynamometer", Grip Strength is a good indicator of overall health since it's rarely trained by a modern lifestyle. Frontline workers like Baggage Handlers and Scaffolders who carry out Manual Handling during their shifts will have above-average Grip Strength. Benchmarks for average grip strength based on a 35-year-old male range significantly:

  • Right hand: Between 95 - 144 pounds (43 - 65kg)
  • Left hand: Between 91 -135 pounds (41 - 61kg)

Anything above these numbers can be considered strong.

Improving Grip Strength

If you have access to a horizontal pull-up bar series of simple exercises can be completed to improve Grip Strength:

  • Dead Hangs: Hang from a pull-up bar with palms facing away. Hang there for as long as comfortable. Repeat daily
  • Pull-ups and Chin-ups: These work multiple upper body muscles, including your grip. Use different grip variations (overhand, underhand, mixed) to target a range of upper body muscles.
  • Towel chin-ups: Drape a towel over the pull-up bar and perform chin-ups. The thicker grip challenges your forearms and fingers.
  • Fingertip push-ups: Place your fingers close together to create a narrow base and perform push-ups. This requires more grip strength to stabilize your hands.

Other, more discreet options include using a Squeeze Ball, Grippers and Farmer's Walks, also useful for negotiating balance when carrying load.