Over the past 30 years, Greening of Detroit has planted more than 130,000 trees, largely thanks to the help of their Citizen Foresters - trained volunteers who help planting days. Beyond tree planting training, Citizen Foresters receive training in volunteer management, community outreach, tree identification, maintenance and pruning, invasive species ID and removal, and green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).

Skills you'll develop

  • Group Leadership: Keep groups on task by recognizing what needs to be done and delegating responsibilities to others.
  • Tool Use & Safety
  • Tree plantings: Lead tree planting demonstrations and reinforce quality planting techniques.
  • Urban Forestry in Detroit
  • Planting Sequence Overview
  • Community Relations
  • Volunteer Management: Motivate and encourage volunteers to ensure a positive volunteer experience.
  • Citizen Forester Responsibilities
  • Promote proper tool usage and safety throughout the planting

Required Time Commitment

  • Attend Citizen Forester Training
  • Attend at least three tree plantings for either Fall Plantings (September to December) or Spring Plantings(April to June) total nine hours of planting