Volcano Coffee Works is a specialty coffee company based in London. They are dedicated to sourcing and roasting high-quality coffee beans from around the world and as B Corp, also prioritise fair trade relationships and ethical practices. Volcano Coffee Works offers a diverse range of coffee blends and single-origin options. Volcano Coffee Works are also a Living Wage Employer.

Skills you'll develop

  • Digital Literacy: Knowing how to use digital devices and remembering how to navigate between applications to find information and communicate with the team.
  • Food Safety & Hygiene: The measures and conditions necessary to control hazards and to ensure food is fit to eat, i.e the protection of consumer health, by protecting food from anything that could cause harm.
  • Packing for Dispatch: Accurately and efficiently packing a product to be sent directly to a customer, being careful to stow products securely to make sure the product arrives in condition.
  • Stock Accuracy: Understanding the importance of regularly counting stock and logging out-of-date items so that Loss can be calculated and purchasing adjusted.
  • Logging Deliveries: Checking deliveries for quality and quantity before making them on the internal inventory management system as delivered. Can also include temperature checks for sealed, refrigerated containers.


£11.95 per hour


Volcano Coffee Works, West Norwood, SE21 (Google Maps)

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