The Woodland Trust is a leading conservation charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to protecting and restoring woodland. Established in 1972, the Trust has since acquired over 1,000 sites covering more than 29,000 hectares of land, making it the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK. Its mission is to create, restore, and protect woodland for people and wildlife, promoting the benefits of trees and woods to everyone.

The Trust offers a wide range of job opportunities for those passionate about nature conservation and woodland management. These include roles in forestry, woodland ecology, conservation, education, fundraising, and administration, among others. Some of the specific job titles that the Trust frequently advertises include Forest Manager, Woodland Creation Advisor, Conservation Officer, Fundraising Manager, and Volunteer Officer.

The Trust also offers a variety of volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to get involved in conservation work. Volunteers can help with planting trees, monitoring wildlife, maintaining footpaths, and other activities that contribute to the protection and restoration of woodland habitats.