This 7-module course takes catering employees through the vital training needed to come into contact with food while working in the UK's catering sector. Take the course with CPD Online College and use a 30% discount to reduce the cost from £20 to £14. Here’s an outline of what to expect:

The first unit checks into UK law on Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations and indicates Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles and precautions codified in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. Unit 2 covers the preparation of food including the concept of the "danger zone", and what techniques should be followed when thawing, cooking, hot holding, cooling and re-heating food.

Storing food safely is addressed in the third unit, including the importance of using reputable suppliers, refrigeration and freezing and how the best-before and use-by system informs stock rotation. Unit 4 identified risks from food poisoning and the most common bacteria found in kitchen and methods for prevention.

Unit 5 moves beyond food to assess hazards and the 14 recognised food allergens. This includes chemical, biological and physical hazards in the form of people, packaging, products, pests, premises and plant machinery. Personal hygiene is expanded on in Unit 6 before the final unit considers the layout and cleanliness of the premises, matched with effective sanitisation and the types of pests found.

Skills you’ll develop: Food Hygiene, Food Safety, Food Storage, Kitchen Hazards, Pest Control, Facility Management, Personal Hygiene, Inventory Management