Ferrous Processing & Trading Co. is a Cleveland-Cliffs Steel company and premier processor, seller, and recycler of scrap metal of all kinds. From massive auto shredding operations and specialty steel making and foundry products to nonferrous metals and industrial scrap management. Headquarters are in Detroit, but operations are also in place in Ontario, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida and Mexico.

They are hiring a Scale Clerk to weigh all vehicles inbound and outbound, inspecting loose loads and direct to proper unloading areas. The Scale Clerk will also be assisting in the details of purchases.

Skills you'll develop

  • Weigh Vehicles: Using industrial scales to position inbound and outbound trucks, rail cars, and peddlers.
  • Operate Scale Computer: Using an electronic scale device to select inventory codes, take and record reading.
  • Inspecting Inventory: Climb up and down the stairs to view the loads inside of the customer's trucks.
  • Payments & Receipts: Issuing correct receipts and payments to customers.
  • Customer Service: Answer questions from customers regarding materials and pricing as needed.
  • Direct Traffic: Communicate with the drivers regarding their unloading area and safe parking.
  • Oral Communication: Being able to communicate clearly in a busy, fast-paced environment. Ensuring orders from customers are recorded correctly and options eloquently provided to guests, then choices passed to colleagues in an efficient way.
  • Taking Telephone Calls: Communicating with customers, suppliers and colleagues over the phone, ensuring a clear, courteous manner.
  • Numeracy: Ability to make accurate, mental calculations using numbers in a time-pressured environment. Includes multiplication, addition, division and subtraction.
  • Microsoft 365 Proficiency: Ability navigating core Microsoft products on desktop and mobile including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Pay & Shifts



Poletown or Claytown (Google Maps)

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