Locke Hotels is a UK-based hospitality company that offers a unique hotel experience. The company has properties in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Dublin, each featuring beautifully designed suites that are fully equipped with modern amenities, including a kitchen, washer/dryer, and living space. The company's philosophy is based on creating spaces that feel like home, with the added benefit of luxury amenities and services.

Skills you'll develop

  • Leadership: Hire, train and allocate staff according to shift needs.
  • Greeting Customers: Team Leadership: Hire, train  and coach team members. Manage labour efficiency through effective scheduling. Build a positive and engaging workplace, where each team member feels welcomed and respected.
  • Hospitality: Create a friendly atmosphere that puts our stores at the centre of community life.
  • Service Orientation: Knowing how to allocate your time to maximize total customer happiness. Demonstrating good Service Orientation is important for kitchen and front-of-house staff during surge times of service, reducing stress both for the team as a whole and for customers in sight of the operation.
  • Communication: Conveying ideas and plans clearly with floor staff as well as leadership.
  • Operational Management: Oversee and ensure service and front of house functions run smoothly as well as online order fulfilled from your store. Deliver effective training for new initiatives and operational roll-outs.
  • Accountability: Controlling key shop costs including shrinkage, waste and payroll to achieve all KPIs, reporting directly to founder.




George Street, Edinburgh (Google Maps)

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