It was not about a job description, it was about looking for interesting people who could breathe life into the restaurant.
~ Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, Coming to My Senses

To make sure Skillhood speaks to the diverse needs of users, we look broadly when hiring. Finding a range of perspectives to think about and deliver work that solves a range of employability problems is central to how we think about the organisation.

We don't hire based on CVs / resumes but allow candidates to prove their ability on the job. This applies to consultants we have worked with in Cape Town, New York and London.

A key consideration is to think about work as a way to create meaningful between team members. When speaking to a candidate for a new role, we want to understand their career goals and be sure that what we’re doing fits into the vision they have for their career.

If what we’re doing interests you and you think we’re missing some opportunity that you can capture, please get in touch. We’re on all channels but are best contacted via email -