Ethiopia's youth grapple with severe unemployment and limited opportunities, yet entrepreneur Daniel Hailu Endale is resolute in reshaping the narrative of his homeland. Through his seven-year-old venture, Energy Ethiopia, he is swiftly establishing it as a prominent training center for engineering and technology skills in Addis Ababa, specifically targeting young individuals with constrained financial resources. Many participants in its programs find avenues to collaborate with companies offering technological solutions, while others transition into agriculture, introducing new technologies to the sector. Additionally, free coding courses are now available for teenagers.

Hailu Endale envisions expanding this model throughout Africa, with plans to establish offices in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Johannesburg, South Africa's commercial hub. A global office in Dubai is also part of the expansion strategy. Hailu Endale emphasizes that Energy Ethiopia is not solely a profit-driven entity but a catalyst for transforming Africa by providing innovative solutions. He underscores the dual nature of education, acknowledging universities for offering a solid foundation while asserting that practical aspects, often challenging to attain, are addressed through training.