Artist Residence is a creative hotel brand with five properties in England - Cornwall, London, Oxfordshire, Brighton and Bristol. Their hotels are each designed uniquely, creative remarkable spaces for guests - a great environment to work in. The Bristol hotel was opened in 2021 after a patient restoration on Portland Square, introducing a new place to hangout in St. Paul's.

Skills you'll develop

  • Taking Phone Calls: Communicating with customers, suppliers and colleagues over the phone, ensuring a clear, courteous manner.
  • Record Keeping: Understand the steps and timing for keeping accurate, organised records to log processes and share progress updates with other team members.
  • Bookkeeping: Monitor office expenditures, handle utility and sercice contracts and update the accounting system.
  • Inventory Management: Monitor office supplies inventory and place orders, reviewing and entering purchase agreements
  • Meeting Preparation: Support in the preparation for meetings including printing materials, confirming meetings, sending out meeting logistics, and call information.
  • Oral Expression: Being able to communicate clearly in a busy, fast-paced environment. Ensuring orders from customers are recorded correctly and options eloquently provided to guests, then choices passed to colleagues in an efficient way.


Clifton, Bristol