Being a barista is not just about making coffee; it's a journey of passion, creativity, and dedication to the craft. For those who wish to thrive and grow in the world of coffee, there are numerous opportunities to elevate their skills, knowledge, and career prospects. In this article on career progression or Karrierefortschritt, I want to tell you how you can grow as a barista and what path you can take in the world of coffee when you decide to leave the coffee bar.

The first step to take is to develop a Love for Coffee, a genuine passion for the craft is essential. Take the time to explore different coffee varieties, brewing methods, and flavors. Attend coffee tastings, engage in discussions with experienced baristas, and read about the history of coffee. Grain practical experience as a barista. Work in a coffee shop or café to learn the basics of coffee preparation, customer service, and operating coffee machines. In short master the basics, the foundation of any successful barista is a strong grasp of the basics. Focus on perfecting the art of espresso extraction, milk steaming, and latte art

Educate yourself

If you're looking to enhance your abilities as a barista, explore the option of enrolling in specialized training programs and courses. Reputable organizations like the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) offer internationally recognized certifications, such as the Barista Skills Program. This comprehensive program covers a wide array of coffee-related subjects, ranging from coffee preparation and brewing techniques to sensory analysis. Here are some places in Germany where you can further educate yourself in the world of coffee.


Located in Munster in the department of Lower Saxony, Röstbar offers various coffee events and courses all year round. With trainers like Erna Tosberg, who is AST (autorisierte SCA Trainerin) since year 2013, Meister SCA 2013 & 2015WCE Certified Sensory Judge for WBC (World Barista Championship) und WBrC (World Brewers Cup) 2018-2022.

Kaffeeschule Nürnberg

Where I work and educate, is located in the South of Germany in the city of Nürnberg in the state of Bayer, this school offers various courses, from beginner courses to advanced courses as well as SCA certification. Johannes Otto, German Latte Art Champion 2020, not only certifies but also trains people who are interested in participating in competition events in Germany. So, if you are looking for a place to train and grow as a Barista or competitor in Southern Germany, this is the place to go. Learn more

Berlin School of Coffee

The Berlin School of Coffee is located in the capital city and offers comprehensive coffee courses, including barista training, roasting, brewing techniques, and coffee business management.They do not offer SCA certified courses, but have many different courses on the subject of coffee, from basic barista courses to roasting and espresso machine repair. They also offer help and assistance to new coffeeshop founders, to facilitate the process of setting up a new coffeeshop.

Bonner Kaffeeschule

If you are rather located in the North West of Germany, Bonner Kaffeeschule is the school to visit. Located in the city of Bonn in the region of Nordrhein-Westfalenthis school offers SCA-certified courses such as barista, brewing and sensory.

Become a Champion

Another great option to grow as a barista is to enter different competitions, participating in coffee competitions is an excellent way to challenge yourself, showcase your skills, and gain recognition within the coffee community. Competitions like the World Barista Championship (WBC) or the Coffee in Good Spirits Championship provide a platform to demonstrate your expertise and creativity on a global stage.

There are several institutions and places where they can help you to train for the next competition, in Berlin you can visit Rancilio where the German ambassador for the brand Nicole Batterfeld-Montgomery and German Barista Champion in several categories offers her services as an expert.

If you don't yet feel ready to compete on the big WBC stages, there are plenty of opportunities to gain experience and showcase your skills in smaller events. You can start by participating in annual Aeropress competitions, where you'll have a chance to refine your brewing techniques and connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts. Additionally, joining the Barista League events offers a fun and supportive environment to test your abilities and grow as a barista. For those seeking more challenging competitions, consider competing in Austria at the Internaionale & Tiroler Baristameisterschaften in Innsbruck, organized by Kaffee institute Goran Hubert.

Looking to lead?

If you are more of a leader than a follower, I would recommend you to consider a path in the administrative part of the café. Building upon your experience as a barista, you can make a seamless transition into managing a coffee shop or café. In this role, you would be responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, managing staff, and ensuring the overall success of the establishment. Your expertise in the world of coffee will prove invaluable in creating a thriving and enjoyable coffee experience for both customers and employees alike.

Alternatively, you could explore the realm of coffee consultancy, where you can use your in-depth knowledge to assist businesses in enhancing their coffee offerings. As a coffee consultant, you would play a pivotal role in guiding and advising on coffee menu development, equipment selection, and staff training, ultimately elevating the coffee experience in various establishments. This path allows you to share your passion for coffee while making a significant impact on the industry as a whole.

Nature calls you

Another captivating avenue within the coffee world is to explore opportunities in Coffee Farming and Sourcing. For baristas seeking a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of coffee, delving into the intricacies of coffee farming and sourcing can be an enlightening experience. Witnessing the entire journey from farm to cup not only deepens one's appreciation for the complexity of the coffee bean but also fosters a profound connection with the dedicated individuals involved in its production. You can also take professional-grade courses with Barista Hustle online.

Desarrolladores de cafe: (Medellin-Colombia)

If you have a desire to experience an exciting Origin Trip in Colombia, look no further than Nikolai Fuerst, a prominent German entrepreneur with his own coffee export company. Specializing in the coffee industry, Nikolai's company serves as a coffee developer, facilitating the journey from farm to cup. Moreover, for coffee enthusiasts seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills, the company organizes annual Roasting courses in Germany. During these courses, participants get trained in the art of coffee roasting, learning from the very best. In fact, Nikolai's expertise in Roasting was demonstrated when he successfully trained and guided the German Tostion Champion in both 2022 and 2023, an impressive achievement in two consecutive years. Visit

Coffee Importing

If you're eager to delve deeper into the fascinating world of coffee, Coffee Imports Europe, based in Berlin, offers a range of enriching opportunities. With a focus on understanding the significance of coffee and its global export, this organization provides diverse courses that cover various aspects of the coffee industry. From coffee cultivation and processing to trade and marketing, these courses offer valuable insights. Additionally, Coffee Imports Europe arranges eye-opening trips to coffee-producing regions, allowing participants to witness firsthand the origins of coffee and forge direct connections with coffee farmers and communities. For those seeking a career in the coffee sector, this dynamic organization provides a gateway to numerous exciting prospects in the coffee world. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or an aspiring professional, Coffee Imports Europe opens doors to a journey filled with knowledge, experience, and a profound appreciation for the essence of coffee. Visit:

Final thought

There are numerous alternatives to foster growth and success in the dynamic world of coffee. Becoming a skilled and accomplished barista is merely the first step in a fulfilling journey within this industry. By staying dedicated, continuously seeking knowledge, and embracing different aspects of the coffee world, you can propel your career as a coffee professional to new heights. Whether you choose to delve into coffee roasting, pursue education and training, offer consulting services, or even embark on entrepreneurial ventures, the coffee industry presents a wealth of opportunities for those fueled by a passion for this beloved bean. Embrace the diversity and richness of the coffee world, and allow your love for coffee to guide you toward a truly rewarding and gratifying career path that extends far beyond the confines of the barista station.