Construction company Barton Malow have been running their Boot Camp since 2016, a paid six-week work experience that introduces young Michangers in the industry fundamentals. The 120-hour program includes an overview of the construction industry including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), information on apprentice career paths, and on-the-job training in concrete. Soft skills, work culture and financial literacy are also shared - transferrable across all jobs.

Each boot camper is assigned a Barton Malow mentor, a skilled tradesperson on the project site, who spends two days per week during the program providing career guidance and hands-on demonstrations to the participants. Applicants must be 18-24 years at the start of their bootcamp.

Seven cohorts have completed the Boot Camp program since 2016, taken place across 10 live worksites. The video below for testimonials from 2022 graduates, and register today via the link below the clip 🛠️

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