Time Will Tell is a cocktail bar in Detroit's Milwaukee Junction neighborhood. The bar is the newest venue in the renowned Detroit Optimist Society Restaurant Group who introduced craft cocktails to Detroit. Their discreet venue welcome to locals, within a short walk of other renowned institutions including the Fischer Theatre and Freya.

Time Will Tell are hiring an experienced bartender to join their team.

Required Skills

  • Mixing Techniques: Using bar tools to carry out different techniques including as muddling, shaking, stirring and floating.
  • Classic Cocktails: Knowledge of classic cocktails and ability to make them up in a timely, organized way in front of customers.
  • Memory Recall: Ability to remembering recipes, customers as well as their orders.
  • Attention to Detail: Noticing small details that may affect customers' experience and overall satisfaction, and how to elegantly rectify.
  • Service Orientation: Knowing how to allocate your time to maximize total customer happiness. Demonstrating good Service Orientation is important for kitchen and front-of-house staff during surge times of service, reducing stress both for the team as a whole and for customers in sight of the operation.




6408 Woodward Avenue (Google Maps)

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