Flying Horse Coffee is a specialty coffee shop with a rich history in the heart of a bustling city. Established years ago, it has become a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts. The shop prides itself on serving meticulously sourced and expertly roasted coffee beans, offering a wide selection of brew methods to suit individual preferences. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Flying Horse Coffee creates a welcoming space where customers can savor delicious coffee and engage in a vibrant community of coffee lovers.

Skills you'll develop

  • Latte Art: Latte Art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring micro-foam onto a shot of espresso, then making a pattern on the surface.
  • Cupping: Evaluating the cleanness, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel and aftertaste of a coffee to determine its overall quality.
  • Tamping: Compressing coffee grinds evenly into the portafilter to ensure that the pressurised water passes through the coffee bed evenly.
  • Customer Service: Delivering a friendly a professional service to ensure customers are acknowledged, informed and satisfied. Also receiving feedback in a visible way to make the customer feel heard.
  • Service Orientation: Knowing how to allocate your time to maximize total customer happiness.


£11.95 - London Living Wage


White City, 101 Wood Lane, W12 (Google Maps)

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