Apple's retail stores set the highest standards in the business, with impressive architecture and beautiful product presentation. Their stores are also well staffed with well trained Technical Specialists who help customers navigate venues, find what they're looking for and answer extra questions about Apple hardware and software.

Skills you'll develop

  • Apple Products: Agility to learn new products and features with an interest in technology, particularly Apple products.
  • Customer Service: Delivering a friendly a professional service to ensure customers are acknowledged, informed and satisfied. Also receiving feedback in a visible way to make the customer feel heard.
  • Oral Expression: Communicate in a busy, fast-paced environment. A real-life flow would include being able to receive instructions from managers or customers, remember or recorded them correctly and pass to colleagues in an efficient way.
  • Service Orientation: Knowing how to allocate your time to maximize total customer happiness. Demonstrating good Service Orientation is important for kitchen and front-of-house staff during surge times of service, reducing stress both for the team as a whole and for customers in sight of the operation.
  • Adaptability: Quickly and easily adjust to new conditions, teams and situations.
  • Merchandising: Stocking shelves, rotating shelved product, setting up displays, stocking and rotating products in coolers, organizing and rotating products in storage rooms, and moving products from storage to the sales floor.
  • Teamwork: Work within a group to achieve the maximum outcome for all, while meeting personal responsibilities within your role.


£24,572 per year


SouthGate Place (Google Maps)

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