Michigan's Lansing Community College offers several programs for students looking to pursue careers in Manufacturing, a vibrant job sector in the state. Salaries range from $55,000 to $106,000, ranging from entry level maintenance engineers to nuclear monitoring.

These are the course tracks to think about when considering your program at LCC:

Careers in Manufacturing

There are three streams to research when prospecting roles in Advanced Manufacturing and how to tune your Lansing CC program towards interview prosepcts and locations:

  • Maintenance, Installation & Repair: Ranging from high-paying Photonics Technicians using cutting edge technology, to installing repairs on electronic equipment (industrial controls, transmitters, and antennas), to motorised equipment. Robotics, Industrial Equipment maintenance, Audiovisual and Automotive are other employer categories  are also captured by this stream, including mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.
  • Production: specifically the production of energy, capturing skills needed to work in Nuclear, Hydroelectric and design layouts for facilites, and computer systems to allow them to communicate.
  • Quality Assurance, Inspection & Testing: These roles help to monitor and examine Michigan's existing industrial machinery. Nuclear power facilities require constant monitoring, while high-powered machinery requires inspection to perform optimally, also  for health and safety regulation.